Bottom Line Man: Ndamukong Suh Wants More Than a Billion

Bottom Line Man: Ndamukong Suh Wants More Than a Billion

Ndamukong Suh swears he isn’t superstitious, but he’d prefer not to jinx things. That’s why he’s being so coy.

Sitting in Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, waiting to catch a flight, he’s asked to relate a few of his success stories. Specifically, the ones that have nothing to do with football.

Unbeknownst to many football fans, the Miami Dolphins star defensive tackle has established himself in the world of big business, actively pursuing profits just as feverishly as he does quarterbacks.

Mentored by billionaires and motivated by more than just money—because, let’s face it, he already has plenty—Suh is aiming to be remembered more for the legacy he builds off the field than for the plays he makes on it. Just don’t call him a mogul in the making.

“I stay away from ‘mogul’ because moguls are people, in my opinion, [who put themselves] out there,” says Suh. “In my business, I’m very, very private. I like to be behind the scenes.”

It’s public knowledge that in 2015 the Dolphins signed Suh to a six-year, $114 million deal ($59 million guaranteed) that made him at the time the highest-paid defensive player in the history of the NFL. And when you consider that Suh could earn up to $178 million in football revenue after just 11 years in the league, you have a few questions for him.

Why not concentrate on football? Why do an internship when you could be on vacation? Why read contracts on plane rides home? Why bother, given that the second you retire you’ll never have to work another day in your life?

“I guess the simple answer is I would be bored if I didn’t,” says Suh. “The more in-depth answer would be I went to school for a reason. No disrespect to other guys who have gotten sociology degrees and communications degrees—especially if they end up using them rather than just getting them because it’s the easier route.” Continue reading